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ACP-Deutschland - The "full service provider for armored vehicles" -

"How can I find good service for armored vehicles?" 
"How can I ensure quality service & maintenance for AVs?" 
"What training do I need for my staff?" 
"Most important knowledge for AV maintenance and repair?" 
"What protection level is the right one?" 
"Do I get the protection level I payed for?" 

ACP Deutschland is a Full-Service-Provider for armoured vehicles. We plan, service, repair & offer fleet-management.  We help to integrate used and new AVs into existing or new safety concepts. We listen to your questions, before, while and after the procurement of bullet-proof vehicles. 


"The-AV.Academy stands for practical & current knowledge covering everything regarding armoured vehicles, their purchase repair and maintenance." 

"Old fashioned & inefficient training is gone. Our fast and packed tutorials accompanied by easy und catchy training-materials help to stay focused." 

Is your case unique or very complex? Too many questions at once? No problem, our One-on-One coaching will give you fast answers to your questions. 

On The Go

Quick Support - Everywhere


No matter if your mechanic down in the workshop,
your security-driver or personal protection unit
in the field and even your purchaser during traveling;
quick support is now available.


No theoretical bla, bla...

The ACP group is based in Würzburg / Germany. After more than 15 years experience and plenty of projects in the armouring industry of civil vehicles, we are proud to count well known governments, private individuals, public forces and armourers to our clients. We service and repair all brands of armoured vehicles, such as up-armoured AV's built by Stoof International, Alpha Armouring Panzerung GmbH, Fahrzeugbau Stadthagen, JPA Armouring GmbH, Farmington, Welp, ACS, ASC, Trasco, Centigon, Carat, Streit, Jankel, PSV Shield, Streit Group, IAG, SVOS, Inkas and many more. 

Our network contains experts for every sub-assembly of an armoured vehicle. All main component-suppliers in the industry and mobile service technicians for the field.