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Repair & Installation

"Armoured vehicles can easily serve 10 years and more."

The ACP Team consists out of engineers and mobile mechanics specialised in repair, service and production of armoured vehicles. Depending on the technical infrastructure locally, our team is even able to perform difficult repairs and installations of safety-equipment in the field.

Our services include:

  • ​Supply & Exchange of safety glass of most vehicle types and armourers.
  • ​Road traffic accident repair of OEM body & armoured safety cages.
  • ​Typical standard repairs on engine, transmission, suspension, etc.
  • ​Electric fault-finding - with all particularities of armoured vehicles.
  • ​Installation and retrofitting of self-supplied or customer provided equipment. 
  • e.g. blue lights, intercoms, radios, black-box systems, tracking devices, etc. 
  • ​Prototyping and production of tailor-made components such as heavy duty load security devices, modified seat consoles, gun mounts, etc.
  • ​Repair of interior panels & upholstery (OEM and non-OEM).
  • ​Modification of seats and mid-consoles, panels for tactical usage.