Depending on the armour and vehicle type, it can be very challanging to retrofit electric equipment. Wire routing differs from non-armoured vehicles, demands on blast safety, radio interferences and tactical aspects are beyond the experience of most car repair shops. 

We offer repair & installation of:

- Split charge battery systems,
- Communication systems, e.g. VHF, UHF, HF radios 
- Fresh air - overpressure systems, e.g. DRÄGER 
- Power windows (OEM and retrofitted HD-versions) 
- Intercom systems 
- Camera, black-box and tracking systems 
- Heavy duty alternators,
- Blue lights & sirens of various types
- Reinforced bullbars (e.g. ARB) modified to resist pit- & ram-maneuvres
- Update to modern multi-media systems, TV's, Sat-Navs, etc.

For all our products we offer installation services in the field.