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Accident Repair for Armoured Vehicles

Repair Installation

The ACP Team consists out of engineers and mobile mechanics specialised in repair, service and production of armoured vehicles. Depending on the technical infratstructure locally, our team is even able to ...

Service & Maintenance

Service & Maintenance routines on armoured civil vehicles (AV's) differ from unarmoured vehicles.
Depending on vehicle type, operational scenario, country of operation and infrastructure, plenty of ...

Vehicle Overhaul

Long lasting procurement procedures, venturous import processes, shipping, installing of the right equipment, etc. A long and time consuming way until an up-armoured vehicle is able to do its duty.
A full ...
Armored Vehicle - Heavy Duty Springs and Shock Absorbers


No matter if heavily up-armoured Toyota Land Cruiser or standard Corolla, a suspension set-up is precisely made to each vehicle's specific axle weights and payload. All components serve a specific function ...
Sport Brake Systems for Armored Vehicles


The ability to stop on a dime is one of the key factors for safe transportation - fully equivalent to a powerful engine and quality armouring technology.
All our brake systems are specially designed for ...

Load Security

The main cause of death for passengers in AV's are road traffic accidents & insufficient load security.
Gunfire is one of the least threats passengers in up-armoured vehicles have to be afraid of.


After road traffic accidents and attacks, armour components might be seriously affected. Bullets & blast fragments may scatter in all directions and cause defects hidden for the normal eye. At a minimum, ...


ACP offers tailor-made or modified exterior parts not available on the market. For all our products we offer installation services in the field.

Electrics / Electronics

Depending on the armour and vehicle type, it can be very challanging to retrofit electric equipment. Wire routing differs from non-armoured vehicles, demands on blast safety, radio interferences and ...
Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems - For Armored Vehicles


Fire is one of the weakest points of an armoured vehicle. Maintenance of existing fire suppression systems (wet & aerosol-based). Installation of new, modern fire suppression systems (FSS).
Replacement of ...