Vehicle Service Maintenance for armoured vehicles, armoured cars

Service & Maintenance

"Good maintenance can make an AV last twice as long."

Service & Maintenance routines on armoured civil vehicles (AV's) differ from unarmoured vehicles. 

Depending on vehicle type, operational scenario, country of operation and infrastructure, plenty of different maintenance strategies are necessary to keep down-times low. We service your armoured vehicle tailored to your demands and increase the life-time of your vehicle at minimal down-time.

Our services include:

  • ​Coverage of OEM maintenance schedule + additional maintenance demands according to up-armourer.
  • Adaption of OEM maintenance schedule to specific operation-outlines.
  • Full service maintenance contracts.​
  • Maintenance of fire-suppression and air-filtration systems.​
  • Certification and technical service-training for repair-shops.​


"Get certified as professional AV-service point and increase time rates and customer satisfaction."