Vehicle Overhaul of armoured vehicles, armoured cars

Vehicle Overhaul

Long lasting procurement procedures, venturous import processes, shipping, installing of the right equipment, etc.

A long and time consuming way until an up-armoured vehicle is able to do its duty.

A full vehicle overhaul can be the solution. For roughly half of the costs of a new armoured vehicle, a detailed overhaul process can double the life-time of an armoured vehicle. We are proud to service vehicles with more than 500.000km on their clock!

Our services include:

  • Partial overhaul of single vehicle components, e.g. suspension or brake system enhancements.
  • Full vehilce overhaul in the field (depends on local conditions).
  • Full vehicle overhaul, Made in Germany.
  • Examination of armouring cell / single armour components.