SUSPENSION COMPONENTS armoured vehicles, armoured cars


No matter if heavily up-armoured Toyota Land Cruiser or standard Corolla, a suspension set-up is precisely made to each vehicle's specific axle weights and payload. All components serve a specific function but work together as a team. 


​But, how to find the right components for my vehicle?

For common vehicle types and weight figures, we stock standard quality components.

STEP 1Check which components fit your vehicleTo provide a safe and agile ride, we need the axle weights for front & rear along with basic vehicle data like year of production and VIN.  

STEP 2Your Target

Find out your needs and expectations:

- How much payload is required?
- Is it used off-road only, on highways, in city traffic?
- Is a sporty or comfortable ride desired?

STEP 3Order your components

Production / Configuration:

Depending on your needs & budget, either a suspension setup will be configurated out of different stock parts, or a completely new set-up will be developed from scratch.


For common vehicle types and standard weight figures, we stock quality components at our warehouse.