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The AV-Academy. Technical knowlege for Armoured Vehicle staff

As one of the first service providers in the segment, ACP Deutschland offered technical trainings in the field of armoured vehicles. After a decade of trainings and collecting knowledge, we combined all our experience in the AV-Academy Training-Centre to give technicians, close protection teams, fleet-managers and owners of armoured vehicles detailed knowledge about the efficient and safe operation with AVs.

Our clients are mainly from governmental agencies, public authorities and NGOs but also private individuals and large companies. We support you in advance, parallel or after the purchase of an armoured vehicle. We show you how to use protection levels like VPAM BRV2009, EN1063, EN1522, VSAG12, NIJ, work out safety assessments together, integrate an AV into protection concepts and form performance specifications with you.

If you don’t want to rely on the words of sales men and armourers, our training will give you the possibility to make your own impression and judgment.

The AV-Academy offers the following courses regularly:

A1. Basis knowledge – Armoured Vehicles.
A2. Latest protection levels & other relevant norms for AVs.
A3. Safety Assessment – What protection is really necessary?
A4. Tips & Tricks of AV-manufacturers. What to look out for!
A5. Basic course – Service & Maintenance of Armoured Vehicles - Cars.

B1. Installation and service of Runflat Systems.
B2. Daily maintenance / Pre-operational checks
B3. Service & maintenance (for technicians, mechanics & fleet-managers).
B4. Service and maintenance of fire suppression systems.
B5. Retrofitting of auxiliary equipment.
B6. Reinforced suspension and brake systems.
B7. Corrosion protection of the armoured safety hull.
B8. Accident repair for armoured vehicles.
B9. Glass repair for armoured vehicles.

C1. Cost reduction / Purchase of armoured vehicles
C2. Cost reduction / Running costs for armoured vehicles
C3. Cost reduction / Production processes for armoured vehicles
C4. Second hand armoured vehicles? Bargain or bad deal?
C5. Armoured vehicles and their essential infrastructure.

Our training classes are independent of brand, model and armourer, the include all types of vehicle and armourers like Stoof, International Armor Group - IAG, PSV Shield, Alpha Armouring and many more. Trainings can be hosted in Hanover Germany (close to international Airport) or locally with the customer.

Additionally, we support our training with online classes. Specific courses are available as full Online-Classes.
Due to the current pandemic and travel restrictions, we have extended our online classes for you, just give us a short note and we will get in contact with you.

Further trainings are available on inquire. We also offer tailored trainings to your demands.