Run-flat tires, Run-flat System armoured vehicles, armoured cars

Run-flat tires, Run-flat System - Armoured Cars, Vehicles

If an armoured vehicle is under attacked, a modern safety-cell to the latest protection standards is key to survive an attack. But even the thickest walls will give in, if an attacker just got enough time. The vehicles mobility, agility and driving performance is same as important. Escape scenarios are a fix element in most armoured vehicle driver trainings and with runflat systems, the chance to escape rises drastically.

Run-flat Systems - Armoured Cars, Vehicles

A forgotten nail on the road, sharp curbs, bullets or vandalism, a run-flat system maintains the vehicle's mobility even with completely deflated tires.
There are different types of run-flat devices:
1. Run-flat tires with reinforced tire walls, which are also offered ex works for OEM/un-armoured vehicles.
2. Tire-belts or rim-belts to prevent the tire from jumping off the rim.
3. And the most widespread variant, polymer rings that are clamped directly onto the rim itself and locked in position. The deflated tire rests on this polymer ring and supports itself on the rim-structure.
Depending on the design and vehicle weight, a high level of driving safety and a quick escape out of the danger-zone have to be guaranteed, even under fire. Escape distances of up to 200 km can be realised but depend very much on the driven speed and road quality.
ACP Germany sells all established and certified manufacturers of runflat systems, such as Hutchinson Rodgard, Runflat International and Michelin Pax. All systems are OEM quality and include certified rims with higher load capacity. We additionally offer to train workshops and fleet managers in assembly and maintenance. ACP Deutschland is the only academy that offers a driver training courses especially designed to experience the driving performance of armoured vehicles, running on fully deflated tires with run-flat-capabilities.